Social Media with a Positive Purpose.

Social Media, with a Positive Purpose.


Social Media with You at the Center.

Our open protocol enables everyone to participate.

One Account. Many Applications.

Own your own data.

Your private data is encrypted, so only the accounts you connect to can access it.

You choose how your private data can be used in the advertising ecosystem.

Earn by sharing the content you love.

We reward content creators by voting and viewing their posts.

Sell premium content, or earn subscriptions from your audience for exclusive posts.

Payments that just work.

Your username is your wallet address. Send money to anyone, anywhere, within 3 seconds.

Charge an optional comment price for people to reply on your posts.

Boards and groups for your community.

Boards allow everyone to post, and participate in the conversation.

Groups let you choose who can join, and post content.

Choose who sees your messages and posts.

You can post publicly to everyone, or privately using encryption.

You can use a Profile account with your Identity, or a Persona account for better privacy.

People powered networking.

We crowd source moderation to meet the challenges of our complex social landscape.

We reward moderators and community leaders for their curation.

Deploy your own social platform.

Choose your own community guidelines, and integrate your own advertising.

White label solution for rewarding your content creators.




Harrison Mclean


Harrison authored the WeYouMe Whitepaper during 2016, and established the project while studying at Monash University.

Harrison has a passion for designing voluntary systems of interaction to empower humankind, accelerate technological improvement, and protect the intrinsic rights of life, liberty and security of property.

Harrison brings his Development, and blockchain architecture skills to the WeYouMe team.


Lyndon Gasking


Lyndon is a passionate expert in creating markets for innovative new technology and businesses.

Lyndon is the Founder of GetLunched, and now the Blockchain Agency & Zoetic is a technology network focused on the implementation and growth of blockchain projects and technologies globally.

Lyndon brings his Advertising, Marketing & Business development skills to the WeYouMe team.


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