Frequently Asked Questions:

What is WeYouMe?

WeYouMe is a distributed social media and business platform. It will operate on a graphene based blockchain, and offer users the ability to earn rewards for posting content. It will host all media files on an immutable decentralized storage system called IPFS, and it will reward nodes for hosting files. It will enable users to create business accounts for use on a peer to peer marketplace, where they can purchase and sell any desired products using cryptocurrency. It will feature a decentralized exchange for the creation and trading of digital assets. It will allow community leaders to create boards to host content posts, which are customizable, and will earn moderators a share of the rewards of the posts on that board.

What's the difference between WEYOUME and MeCoin? 

WEYOUME is the cryptoequity asset of the WeYouMe network. It will have a fixed supply of 10,000,000 and will be allocated to contributors in the genesis block of the network. MeCoin is the native currency asset of the WeYouMe network. It will have no initial supply, and will be issued at a rate of 1,000,000,000 per year to network contributors for producing blocks, content rewards, Supernode rewards, WYM rewards, and other sources. 

Is WYM a token?

WEYOUME is a Bitshares User Issued Asset. It is issued by the weyoume account on BitShares, and is being sold on the exchange in a series of limit sell orders. It is not an Ethereum ERC20 Token, and does not use the Ethereum blockchain. WeYouMe uses the Bitshares blockchain for fundraising because it is much more scalable, has faster and cheaper transactions, and has an integrated decentralized exchange. 

How does Bitshares work?

BitShares operates like a cryptocurrency wallet and an exchange all in one. Your account name is your receiving address for all BitShares assets, including BTS and BitUSD. All your trading orders are placed onto the BitShares Blockchain.

I am getting an error when I try to access my Bitshares Wallet...

The Bitshares wallet connects to API nodes to provide access to the Bitshares blockchain. If you receive an error message regarding the API sync clock, simply switch your access point node to another one from the list. 

Why should I invest in WEYOUME?

If you believe that a decentralized social media network with highly monetizable content, that enables post promotion, and has on-chain membership subscriptions will be a useful platform for users to share information and value, then you should consider acquiring an early stake in WeYouMe. WYM holders will earn rewards in MeCoin, by holding their cryptoassets for longer than 4 weeks, and being active on the platform. MeCoin will be bought and burned with all network revenue, raising its price, and therefore the price of WYM. WYM will additionally grant voting power to influence the allocation of content rewards to creators, and to vote for witnesses. Contributors will recieve WYM on the WeYouMe mainnet. The WYM asset will hold voting power to upvote posts and decide network elections, and it will earn a dividend in MeCoin that is issued in each block. WEYOUME holders with a balance greater than 10, 100, 1000, or 10,000 at the launch of the Mainnet will have access to bonus contributor tiers, and will have permanent account badges to commemorate their founding membership.

How do I contribute to the WeYouMe Crowdsale?

Anyone can purchase the EZIRA legacy asset from the Bitshares Decentralized exchange. It trades just like a normal token against many other coins, including bitUSD, BTC, BCH, ETH, and BTS. Simply deposit the coin of your choice, purchase BTS for the best liquidity, and buy EZIRA from the market using a buy order. The Main ICO will be launched in 2019.

What will WeYouMe be doing to manage illicit content uploaded onto the network?

WeYouMe will use a tag based filtering system to allow users and moderators to vote to filter content that fits specific categories. Users can specifiy a governance address that will provide moderation and content management services to apply tags to posts for filtering purposes. Posts that reach a certain threshold of tagging support and are confirmed by a moderator will be filtered across all interface applications, and will not be displayed. WeYouMe content is hosted on immutable decentralized storage, and therefore, no person or member of the team will be able to delete any content from the network once held by Nodes. This is by design to prevent censorship. Files will be encrypted before hosting them, so that nodes will not be able to read the contents of the files that they hold.

What will WeYouMe be doing to prevent the sale of illicit items on the Peer to Peer marketplace?

Users of WeYouMe are free to purchase any available items, or sell any items that have market demand. Governance address can provide filtering services to curate the listing available in interfaces to follow legal requirements in local jurisdictions. The WeYouMe team will not be able to moderate the sale of items on the peer to peer marketplace. Users are advised against purchasing items that may violate local laws, but will not be enforcing any such laws, as we cannot control the items posted for sale on the decentralized and censorship resistant blockchain that WeYouMe runs upon.

What if children access content I do not like on WeYouMe?

Parents will be able to set up accounts with any desired filters or parental settings to restrict payments by making a persona account for their children to use WeYouMe. This persona account can be established with permissions from its creator required to spend funds, or post content.

What about my national government? They will have a problem with …

The WeYouMe team will engage with legal counsel when the project is more fully funded. All community members are advised not to purchase WEYOUME or EZIRA assets if doing so would violate local laws. WeYouMe supports the freedom of speech of all people. WeYouMe is a Decentralized Autonomous Corporation. There will be no central point of failure in the WeYouMe network, allowing it to operate under any regulatory system that has internet access. Different countries may have different laws. WeYouMe will operate as a neutral global platform, if any part of its feature set violates a user’s local laws, that user is advised to abstain from using that feature.

What will WeYouMe be doing to make sure that I am not Harassed or confronted with content or opinions that I do not like?

WeYouMe will offer every user the ability to filter content according to the board it is posted to, tags applied to it, or by the user that made it. You will be able to block any user that causes issues for you. WeYouMe will also offer the ability to charge a small fee to comment on posts, that can be placed as a deterrent against low quality responses.

When will the WYM sharedrop be occurring?

The sharedrop will happen at the beginning of the WeYouMe blockchain. No launch date or snapshot date has been specified, as the project is in the conceptual stage. We are actively seeking developers to join the development team to bring this event to fruition.

What can I do to help the WeYouMe Project?

The WeYouMe project need developers, marketing professionals, and investment capital. If you are an investor, developer, or have marketing experience, please contact to be introduced to the core team.

I have a suggestion to improve WeYouMe…

Please Email with your idea. Kindly read the whitepaper before making new suggestions.