The 5 Principles of WeYouMe

These principles are intended to be the underlying foundation of the WeYouMe blockchain and guide users towards their fullest realization.

1     Non-Aggression:

No initiation of force, fraud or coercion should occur using WeYouMe. Users should actively respond against such actions with self-defense and resistance.

2       Community:

Anyone may join and participate in the WeYouMe network, no barrier shall be placed preventing access to anyone. The network shall be peer to peer, and each individual user shall be the sole arbiter of their interactivity. Anybody may start and grow their own community on WeYouMe, and no group shall be excluded. We balance the spirits of collaboration and competition to drive positive outcomes, and collective and individual success.

3       Decentralization:

The network infrastructure and node implementations shall remain decentralized to ensure fault tolerance, censorship resistance, neutrality, and continuity. Users shall be able to manage their own content filtering solutions. The immutability of the blockchain shall not be compromised. No transactions shall be altered or reversed after being confirmed by the overwhelming majority of the block producers. WeYouMe codebases shall be open source. We empower users to manage who can access their content and transactions using encryption of their transaction data.

4       Individual Freedom:

Anyone may freely post whatever content they choose. We allow all voices to be heard, and accept the responsibility of the weight that our words carry, and their consequences. Anyone may transact freely with any other user, and no censorship of transactions shall occur. We invite investment and business to take place on the WeYouMe network, free from intermediaries.

5       Self - Expression:

Users are invited to share their gifts, talents and creativity without restriction, editorial control, or pressures to alter their content to fit an external worldview. More speech produces better outcomes than less speech. A passive browsing experience is no substitute for a sense of participation and contribution.