Harrison Mclean

Chief Executive Officer

Harrison authored the WeYouMe whitepaper during 2016, and established the project while studying at Monash University.

Harrison has a passion for designing voluntary systems of interaction to empower humankind, accelerate technological improvement, and protect the intrinsic rights of life, liberty and security of property.

Harrison brings his crypto-economic design and blockchain architecture skills to the WeYouMe team.

Lyndon Gasking

Chief Marketing Officer

Lyndon is a passionate expert in creating markets for innovative new technology and businesses.

Lyndon is the Founder of Getlunched, and now the Blockchain Agency & Zoetic is a technology network focused on the implementation and growth of blockchain projects and technologies globally.

Lyndon brings his Advertising, Marketing & Business development skills to the WeYouMe team.

John Conlin


John earned a B.A. in Economics and a J.D. both from the University of Michigan.

John is an active Committee Member on the BitShares Decentralized Autonomous Organization. In that capacity he is engaged in decentralized governance and supporting the longest running ‘Stablecoins’ or pegged cryptoassets.

John resides in New York City where he works in the private investment funds industry.